Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello BlogSpot. Bet you are happy, you have me now. My new lappie has no doc, like my lappie has no dog. So, am here, filling you with my spit-cum, almost lotus-scented, depending upon my mood. I do not like being manipulated and here you might say, I am here because I need you and not vice versa; nevertheless it is not a situation I am comfortable with or visualized even, so you can expect me to be gone as soon as I am done.

The last few thousand zombie years have been shrouding my calm mind and I am split, divided, scattered; I am looking for my doppelganger, the one who is my better self, the self I aspire to be. I feel better when I am here, when I am Me and not the mutilated, acidic by-product of your violent, heartless society, with its intricate network spewing venom of human relationships, loving thy neighbours or Paulo Coelho mouthfuls of well meaning, self righteous strange beings.

I split open the veil with my sword of the Silver Knight!

Elaine, Elaine, get down from the fucking plane.

They are chasing you with multi-coloured extensions of straightened mane.

Pure gold, heavy feathers would stick out from your butt, black and smoke would jump on your eyes and colored beads would dote your eye-lashes.

My little monkey, would you like the circus dawn?

Would you like to sweep away the few strands of your grey? I kiss them as they sway.

Let me gather you in my yellow fevered arms of steel, and make you a nice new deal.

I shall make tea with warm green hues, you would sip them in nude.

I shall wipe your skin clean, until it tingles and your bums are baboon red.

I shall lather your hair soft and watch the colors drain away.

It is my world now and here are we.

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